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(A) “Appropriation” means a unit of funding provided for by the Assembly in the borough budget. An appropriation may be specific as to particular expenditures or general as to an entire department or agency, as the Assembly deems appropriate.

(B) “Categories” means actual proposed expenditures to be made from an appropriation.

(C) “Emergency” means an unforeseen occurrence or condition which results or apparently will result in an insufficiency of services or facilities substantial enough to endanger the public health, safety or welfare.

(D) “Initiative” means the initiation of borough legislation and its enactment or rejection by the borough electorate in the event the proposed measure is not enacted by the assembly.

(E) “Interest in lands” means any estate in real property or improvements thereon excluding revocable permits or licenses, rights-of-way, or easements that the Assembly finds to be without substantial value to the Borough.

(F) “Law” means this Charter, the ordinances and resolutions preserved by this Charter, or enacted pursuant to it, and those portions of the statutes of the State of Alaska and the Constitutions of the State of Alaska and of the United States that are valid limitations on the exercise of legislative power by home rule governments.

(G) “Borough” means the “Haines Borough” created upon ratification of this Charter.

(H) “Publish” means to cause to be printed at least once in a publication of general circulation within the borough. The Assembly shall provide for additional modes of dissemination.

(I) “Referendum” means the right of the voters of the Haines Borough to have an act which was passed by the legislative body be submitted for electorate approval or rejection.

(J) “Resident” means a person whose habitual, physical dwelling place is within the area in question and who intends to maintain his dwelling place in that area.

(K) “Supermajority vote” means an affirmative vote by at least 3/4 of the total membership of the voting body.

(L) “Utility” or “Borough Utility” means a utility that belonged to a former government and whose rates are subject to regulation by the Regulatory Commission of Alaska on the date this Charter becomes effective.