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(A) Upon the effective date of the consolidation, all existing service areas, LID and special assessment districts shall be altered or abolished as follows:

(1) Land use service areas previously established by the former Haines Borough will lose their service area status and become zoning districts since planning, platting and zoning will be area-wide services; (see Section 19.13 of this Charter)

(2) Service areas previously established solely to provide for an LID or other special assessment district shall lose their service area status and continue only as LIDs or other special assessment districts;

(3) Service areas previously established to provide services and enable the formation of an LID shall continue as service areas for providing services not otherwise available and as an LID until such time as the LID debt is retired.

(4) The Medical Service Area, Docks and Harbors Service Area, Solid Waste Management Service Area, the service area created by Haines Borough Ordinance 01-15 to regulate commercial helicopter flights, and the Disaster Emergency Services service area will be abolished and powers related to those functions will be exercised on an areawide basis by the Haines Borough. The board of the commercial helicopter regulation service area created under Haines Borough Ordinance 01-15 may continue in an advisory capacity on the same basis as boards of other land use service areas according to the provisions of Section 19.14 of this charter.

(5) All other existing service areas which meet criteria prescribed in this charter shall continue to function until altered or abolished by the procedures outlined in this charter and borough code.

(B) All boards and commissions of the former governments shall continue to function until altered in accordance with this charter. The boards of former land use service areas shall be granted advisory status to serve as advisory boards to the new planning commission for a period of one year following the effective date of consolidation.

(C) Upon ratification of this charter the former City of Haines consolidated with the borough shall become a service area for the provision of services formerly provided within its boundaries.