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(A) The new government shall succeed to all assets and liabilities of the former governments.

(B) Not later than 180 days after the effective date of the consolidation, the assembly shall determine which assets of a former government provided benefit to an area larger than the former government prior to consolidation, or will provide such a benefit after consolidation. The tax obligation for bonded indebtedness, or other debt, incurred prior to consolidation with respect to such an asset shall be spread to such area not later than 18 months after the effective date of the consolidation. However, if sales tax provides revenue to meet such bonded indebtedness obligations, or if the debt is a general obligation of the municipality, the extension of any tax levy or general obligation for that purpose shall not become effective in new areas until an ordinance extending that tax levy or obligation is approved by voters of the area into which the tax levy or obligation is proposed to extend.

(C) Pre-consolidation bonded indebtedness or other debt for sewage collection systems, water distribution systems and streets, even if determined to be used for the benefit of a larger area than that which incurred the debt, shall remain the tax obligation of the area that incurred the debt.