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In addition to other actions that require an ordinance, the assembly shall use ordinances to take the following actions:

(1) adopt or amend administrative code;

(2) levy taxes;

(3) authorize borrowing of money;

(4) grant, renew or extend a franchise;

(5) regulate the rate charged by a public utility, when such regulation is consistent with Alaska Statutes;

(6) provide for a fine or other penalty or establish a rule or regulation for the violation of which a fine or other penalty is imposed;

(7) adopt, amend or repeal the comprehensive plan, land use and subdivision regulations, building and housing codes or similar land use control measures;

(8) sell, convey, or lease--or authorize the sale, conveyance, or lease--of any interest in lands and real property of the borough, in accordance with requirements of the comprehensive plan;

(9) exempt contractors from compliance with general requirements relating to payment and performance bonds in the construction or repair of municipal public works projects within the limitations set out in Alaska Statute;

(10) establish, alter, or abolish municipal departments;

(11) establish, alter, consolidate, or abolish service areas;

(12) make appropriations, including supplemental appropriations or transfer appropriations;

(13) provide for the retention or sale of tax-foreclosed property;

(14) transfer powers from the borough to another municipality.