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(A) Applications. Through the referendum process, voters of the Haines Borough may compel a legislative measure that has been approved by the assembly to be referred for voter ratification.

(B) Restrictions. Referendum shall not be applied to dedications of revenue, appropriations, local or special legislation, or laws necessary for the immediate preservation of the public peace, health, or safety.

(C) Suspension of ordinance. A referendum petition may only be filed within 90 days following the effective date of the legislative measure in question. Filing of a referendum petition suspends the ordinance or resolution, and the assembly may not enact a substantially similar measure during the period of suspension. The suspension terminates on a finding of insufficiency of the petition or upon certification of a majority vote against repeal.

(D) Voidance of petition. A referendum petition is void if the Assembly repeals the measure in question prior to the referendum election.

(E) Failure. If a referendum fails to receive voter approval, a new petition application for substantially the same measure may not be filed sooner than six months after the election results are certified.