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(A) Executive. The executive power of the Haines Borough is vested in the mayor. The mayor presides at assembly meetings, acts as ceremonial head of the Haines Borough, and is responsible for additional duties and powers prescribed by this charter or borough code. The mayor may participate in all assembly meeting discussions, chairing the meetings, but shall vote only in case of a tie.

(B) Representative. The mayor shall execute official documents of the Haines Borough on authorization of the assembly.

(C) Veto. The mayor may veto an ordinance, resolution, motion, or other action of the assembly and may strike or reduce appropriation items. The veto does not extend to:

(1) actions of the board of equalization or the board of adjustment;

(2) the appointment or dismissal of personnel;

(3) adoption or repeal of a manager plan of government;

(4) an ordinance adopted under AS 04.11.498.

The veto must be exercised and submitted to the assembly with a written explanation prior to or at the next assembly meeting. The assembly, by supermajority vote of the total membership, may override a veto any time within twenty-one days after its exercise. The mayor’s failure to sign a legislative measure shall not constitute a veto.

(D) Law enforcement. In case of emergency, the mayor has the power of a peace officer and may exercise that power under the executive authority of the mayor to prevent disorder and to preserve the public health. The assembly by resolution may declare that the emergency no longer exists.