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(A) Types of boards. The assembly by ordinance may provide for advisory, regulatory, administrative, appellate or quasi-judicial boards or commissions. The ordinance shall prescribe the duties, terms and qualifications of members.

(B) Membership. The mayor appoints the members of boards and commissions, unless otherwise specifically provided in this charter. Appointments are subject to confirmation by the assembly. Persons appointed by the mayor serve at the pleasure of the mayor.

(C) Advisory role. Boards and commissions may make recommendations to the assembly, the mayor, the manager, and heads of executive departments on matters specified in the ordinance creating the board or commission.

(D) The assembly as quasi-judicial board. The Assembly by ordinance may designate itself to be a board of review, adjustment, or equalization. The ordinance shall prescribe the rules of procedure, including quorum and voting requirements. Any judgment made by the assembly or board acting in a quasi-judicial capacity must be carried by at least a supermajority vote of the entire assembly or board.