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A. Except for the ordinances listed in subsection (B) of this section, all ordinances and parts of ordinances of a permanent and general nature adopted before the adoption of this code are repealed.

B. The adoption of this code shall not repeal or amend any temporary or special ordinance adopted before the adoption of this code. Among the temporary and/or special ordinances not repealed or amended by the adoption of the code are the following: ordinances creating, opening, dedicating, naming, vacating, or closing specific streets, alleys, and public ways; establishing the grades of specific streets and other public ways; authorizing or relating to specific issues of bonds; creating or relating to specific sewer, paving, and other local improvement districts; making special assessments for local improvements; annexing territory to, or excluding territory from, the former city of Haines; calling or relating to a specific election; approving or authorizing a specific lease, sale, purchase, or transfer of property; granting a franchise to a public utility; making an annual levy of taxes; and appropriating money.