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A. Every act prohibited by borough ordinance is unlawful. Unless another penalty is expressly provided by this code for a particular act or offense, every person who commits an infraction or violation of any provision of this code, or any rule or regulation adopted or issued pursuant to this code, commits a minor offense as that term is defined in the Alaska Rules of Minor Offense Procedure and may be punished by a fine of not more than $500.00.

B. In addition to any other remedies or penalties that may be provided in this code, or may otherwise be available, the borough or any aggrieved person may institute a civil action to obtain injunctive or compensatory relief against a person who violates any provision of the code. An action to enjoin a violation may be brought notwithstanding the availability of any other remedy. On application for injunctive relief and a finding of violation or threatened violation, the superior court shall grant the injunction.

C. Each act of violation and every day upon which the violation shall occur will constitute a separate offense. A separate citation must be issued for each calendar day upon which a violation is alleged to have occurred.

D. The borough clerk’s office shall maintain a record of the amount of all fines imposed by the borough or a court and all fines remitted to the borough as a result of all violations of the ordinances in this code. The total dollar amount of fines remitted to the borough each fiscal year shall be provided to the public safety advisory board or the borough assembly upon request, and to members of the public pursuant to normally applicable laws governing requests for public records. Nothing in this chapter is intended to require the borough to create records in response to public records requests that are not otherwise maintained by the borough in the normal course of business. (Ord. 15-06-413 § 5)