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A. Real property shall be held in the name of “The Haines Borough.” Any instrument requiring execution by the borough shall be signed by the mayor and attested by the clerk. The form of any conveyance shall be approved by the borough attorney.

B. Only upon a specific resolution of the assembly, the manager may act on its behalf in the acquisition of real property or interest in real property when the property to be acquired is for a valuable consideration or as part of a program of grants under which the borough may receive only a limited amount of acreage. The resolution shall set forth the terms, conditions, and manner of acquisition.

C. No assembly approval is necessary to acquire any easement, right-of-way, permit, license, or other interest in real property if necessary for a utility or public improvement where the utility or public improvement has been authorized and approved by the assembly.

D. Prior to approval by the assembly, the manager shall furnish the assembly with an abstract of title, the value assessed by the borough tax assessor or land manager or other appraisal of the real property, and a review of any problems in acquisition, but the failure to furnish the assembly any such material shall not affect the validity of any acquisition or purchase of real property by the borough.

E. Unless otherwise provided by the assembly, the borough shall purchase marketable title in the real property. Unless otherwise provided by ordinance or resolution, or upon assembly approval of a purchase, the manager is authorized to obtain title insurance, execute any instruments, and take all steps necessary to complete and close the purchase and acquisition of the real property.