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A. Whenever, pursuant to the provisions of this title, the fire chief determines that an unsafe or dangerous fire prevention or control condition exists in or about any building or structure, the chief shall forthwith issue a written order describing the unsafe or dangerous condition and demanding its prompt removal or remedy.

B. Service of the order may be made upon the owner, occupant, or other person responsible for the care and maintenance of the building, structure, or premises and may be made personally or by mailing certified, return receipt, to such person’s last known mailing address. In all instances where possible, the owner shall be thus notified. Failure of delivery to the last known mailing address or refusal to accept the notice sent by certified mail shall constitute receipt of the notice.

C. An appeal from an order issued under subsection (A) of this section shall be made in writing, stating with particularity the reasons for the appeal, within five working days of the receipt thereof, or 10 working days of the receipt thereof if the person appealing it resides outside the state. An appeal shall be made to the assembly and shall be heard by it at the next regularly scheduled meeting following receipt of a properly submitted appeal. Unless the assembly revokes, modifies, or stays the order, the order shall remain in full force and effect and be promptly complied with after the hearing unless further appeal is made to the courts as provided under state law. (Ord. 18-01-487 § 5)