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The police chief shall be the commanding officer of the police force. The chief shall:

A. Attempt to apprehend, arrest, and bring to justice all violators of federal, state, or borough law;

B. Establish a set of rules and regulations governing the discipline, training, and operation of the department;

C. Provide a community contract jail;

D. Provide or oversee animal control services;

E. Attempt to generally keep the peace;

F. Serve warrants, writs, executions, and other processes properly directed and delivered to it;

G. Supervise all activities of the department;

H. Perform such other duties as shall be required of the chief as may be specified in this code or by the manager;

I. Investigate all applicants for any license or permit when such application requires certification by the police department. (Ord. 13-05-325 § 5)