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A. The borough clerk shall serve as the chair.

B. The commission shall elect a vice-chairperson and a secretary who shall hold their offices for one year but may be reelected to the same or other positions.

C. Commission meetings shall be held as often as necessary and if a quorum so desires. A quorum shall be determined as provided by HBC 2.60.100.

D. The commission may hold public hearings.

E. The commission may establish one or more subcommittees to assist it in the performance of its duties.

F. Meeting notifications and action only minutes shall be according to the provisions of Chapter 2.60 HBC.

G. Subject to appropriation for the purpose, the commission may request the assembly to contract with other persons for the performance of necessary services. (Ord. 18-03-490 § 4; Ord. 16-05-435 § 4)