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For the purposes of this title:

Agency” means the assembly, a department, the borough manager’s office, or other entity in or of the government of the borough, including the school district, harbors, and all boards and commissions.

Assessor” means the duly appointed borough assessor or the assessor’s authorized representative or agent.

Chief fiscal officer” means the borough chief fiscal officer or designee.

Class” or “class of positions” means one or more positions which are similar with respect to duties, responsibilities, and qualifications and which are included within the same descriptive title.

Class specification” means a written statement of the duties and responsibilities which are characteristic of a class of positions and which includes a description of the education, experience, knowledge and ability required to perform the work of the class of positions.

Classification plan” means the orderly arrangement into classes of all positions in the borough service.

Clerk” means the Haines Borough clerk or designee.

Compensatory time” means time off in lieu of cash payment.

Demotion” means the transfer of a person from a position in one class to a position in another class with a lower salary range.

Dismissal” means separation of a person from the borough service for reasons other than resignation, retirement, or layoff.

Domestic partner” means a person who is cohabiting with another person in a relationship that is like a marriage but that is not a legal marriage. (AS 39.50.200(4), Definitions)

Electioneering” means any form of persuasion to attempt to affect the decision of any voter, including, but not limited to, campaign buttons, bumper stickers, posters, flyers, pennants, banners or by voice.

Employee” means any person in the borough service who is paid a salary or wage by the borough regardless of the original source of the funds, other than an elected official.

FLSA” means the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Gift” means money, goods, services, travel expenses, tickets, discounts not available to the public, loans or debts forgiven or paid by a third party, a promise, or other item of value gratuitously transferred from a donor to a recipient.

Graveyard shift” means those hours worked between midnight through 8:00 a.m.

Immediate family membershall have the same definition as that contained in HBC 2.06.025.

Layoff” means an involuntary separation of an employee in the borough service because a position has been abolished, there are insufficient funds to pay the employee, or there is an insufficient amount of work for the employee to do.

Manager” means the borough manager or designee.

Pay plan” means a schedule of salaries which shall be established and amended by resolution and which covers all classes of positions in the borough service.

Permanent status” means the status of a person who has satisfactorily completed the probationary period.

Position” means an office or employment in the borough service composed of specific duties and requiring the full-time or part-time services of one person.

Probationary period” means the in-service test period which follows an appointment and precedes permanent employment in a class.

Promotion” means the change of a person from a position in one class to a position in another class with a higher salary range.

Resignation” means termination of employment at the request of the person.

Short list” means a list of at least three qualified candidates for employment.

Source of income” means an employer or other person or entity paying compensation, dividends, or interest, directly or indirectly, for services, products, or investments. If the income being reported is derived from employment by a sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation in which the reporting person, the spouse or children, or a combination of them holds a controlling interest, that proprietorship, partnership, or corporation may be designated as the source of income without specifying clients or customers if the business is one that is normally conducted on a cash basis or maintains accounts payable within 30 days and annual account accrual does not exceed $10,000. In all other cases, the clients or customers of the proprietorship, partnership, or corporation shall be listed as sources of income of the person whose income is being reported, whose spouse, children, or a combination of them holds a controlling interest.

Standby time” means that time which employees are required to stand by their post ready for duty. Such time is compensable under HBC 2.76.105.

Substitute appointment” means an appointment to a position which is to be vacant for longer than six months because of an authorized leave of absence and to which the incumbent has reinstatement rights.

Super majority vote” means an affirmative vote by at least three-quarters of the total membership of the voting body.

Suspension” means an enforced leave of absence made for disciplinary purposes or made while charges against a person are being investigated.

Swing shift” means those hours worked between 4:00 p.m. through 12:00 a.m.

Temporary position” means a position with an anticipated duration of less than one year. (Ord. 17-10-481 § 12; Ord. 13-01-312 § 5; Ord. 12-07-296 § 5)