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A. Establishment of the Homestead Subdivision Road Maintenance Service Area. The Homestead Subdivision road maintenance service area is established with area and boundaries as follows:

All that area in the Homestead Subdivision.

B. Services Provided. The services provided are for the purposes of road maintenance.

C. State Revenue Sharing Funds. The borough shall apply for state revenue sharing funds, if available, on behalf of the Homestead Subdivision road maintenance service area. Should revenue sharing funds be insufficient for the services provided, the borough shall collect taxes for such maintenance from property owners within the service area based on a yearly budget submitted by the service area board.

D. Board of Directors. The board of directors for the Homestead Subdivision road maintenance service area shall be composed of not less than two nor more than five members. All appointments shall be made in accordance with HBC 7.04.080. The board shall serve to make recommendations to the assembly concerning services in the service area as permitted in statute. (Ord. 21-04-580 § 5; Ord. 08-02-176)