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A. The abatement official shall keep an accounting of the costs, including incidental expenses, of abating each public nuisance, and shall render an itemized written report to the assembly showing the costs and manner of abatement of each public nuisance, including any salvage value relating thereto.

B. Upon the completion of the abatement work, the abatement official shall prepare and file with the clerk a report specifying the work done, itemizing the total cost of the work, and identifying the property affected by the public nuisance and the names and addresses of the persons entitled to notice pursuant to HBC 8.12.080. Before the report is submitted to the assembly, a copy of a report shall be posted for at least five days upon the affected premises, together with a notice of the time when the report shall be heard by the assembly.

C. The costs may be recovered by the borough in a civil action or the borough may assess such costs against each and every separate property affected by the abatement by recording a notice of lien on the real property identified in the report which lien may be foreclosed using the procedures followed when collecting real property tax.

D. All moneys recovered for the costs of abatement shall be paid into the general fund. (Ord. 21-07-587 § 4)