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(A) Proposing LID creation. An LID may only be initiated by a petition of the property owners in the proposed LID. The petition must include a capital improvement plan detailing a carefully prepared and credible estimate of cost of the capital improvement to be borne by the property owners of the district. The capital improvement plan must list the estimated assessment for each lot or parcel of land in the proposed district. The petition must be signed by a number of property owners who collectively would bear more than 50 percent of the projected cost of the assessment for the capital improvement. The assembly shall describe by ordinance other requirements for the petition.

(B) Protesting LID creation. If written protests are filed by at least 50 percent of the number of property owners in the proposed district, without regard to property value, the assembly shall not proceed until the protests have been settled to the satisfaction of 66 percent of the property owners in the proposed district. If a property owner has more than one lot or parcel of land within the proposed LID, that property owner may be counted only once for purposes of this protest procedure.

(C) Objections and appeals. A decision of the assembly concerning the creation of an LID or the assessment relating to the LID may be appealed to the superior court within 30 days of the date on which the assembly adopts the final assessment roll by resolution or ordinance.