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The Haines Borough shall exercise areawide the powers to provide for tax assessment and levy; planning, platting, zoning; and education.

In addition, the borough may exercise on an areawide basis, by ratification of this charter, the powers to provide for the following services:

(1) control of hazardous substances,

(2) emergency medical services and other medical services,

(3) emergency dispatch,

(4) ports and harbors facilities,

(5) financing capital improvement projects,

(6) public parks and recreational facilities,

(7) public libraries,

(8) museums,

(9) cemeteries,

(10) economic development (including tourism promotion),

(11) disaster planning and emergency response,

(12) solid waste management.

In addition to the powers to provide the services listed, the borough may exercise on an areawide basis all other powers of a home rule borough consistent with state law and this charter, upon ratification by borough voters at a regular or special election.